A Day Trader’s Goals – 10 Good Reasons

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GOALS & GOAL CONCEPTS FOR THE SUPER DAY TRADER. Day Trading Goals -10 Good Reasons. Downloadable FREE PDF Version. Pt 1: – Why Do Super Trader’s Use Goals? – Top 10 Reasons. This; is the 1st part of my ‘3 part mini series’ dealing with the subject of goals, goal concepts & the art of … Continue reading “A Day Trader’s Goals – 10 Good Reasons”

My Day Trading Affirmations

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The Brain Trading Zone

A Day Traders Affirmations Day Trading Affirmations.Downloadable FREE PDF Version. Your Question; “How Does One Get Into The Zone? How Can I Trade In The Zone? ” After Many Years Of Reading, Searching I Found The Answer To this Question. Example: Does One Pray To See God? Do Monks Chant To See Their God; Their … Continue reading “My Day Trading Affirmations”

A Super Trader’s Discipline.

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The Super Trader ‘Discipline’ PDF. Super Day Trader Discipline. Downloadable Full PDF Version. The Disciplined Super Trader. What Exactly IS Discipline? Discipline is a HABIT! All ‘Super Traders’ have self discipline. Without discipline you cannot achieve success, in any field. I will say this again; “WITHOUT DISCIPLINE YOU CANNOT ACHIEVE SUCCESS, IN ANY FIELD.” Having … Continue reading “A Super Trader’s Discipline.”

Super Trader Declarations

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Declarations. Declarations; Masters In Emotion. Downloadable Full PDF Version. Master’s of Emotion – Declarations ‘Super Traders’ are the Masters & controllers of their Emotions. One of their techniques to obtain & maintain an edge in the trading arena is via the daily practice & use of Declarations. Declarations are an OFFICIAL INTENTION to take all … Continue reading “Super Trader Declarations”

Super Traders Are Visionaries

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Super Traders Are Visionaries ‘Super Traders Are Visionaries.’ Downloadable Full PDF Version. How? Why? Do Probably 3 of the greatest words ever to frequent and grace the English Language. How do ‘Super Traders’ capture large profits, and more importantly, hold onto them? What is a Super Trader’s mind set? Why do ‘Super Traders’ trade in … Continue reading “Super Traders Are Visionaries”