Meditation Part 2 – HOW

Meditation For Traders – Pt2- How?
How Super Traders Meditate.

How Do Super Traders Meditate? Why Meditate: How-Should-Super-Traders-Meditate - PDF Download Downloadable Full PDF Version.

When The Surface Of A Lake Is Still, One Can See To The Very Bottom Very Clearly. This Is Impossible When The Surface Is Agitated By Wave. In The Same Way, When The Mind Is Still, With No Thoughts Of Desires, You Can See The “SELF.”

Swami Sivananda. (Indian Yoga master, Monk , 1887-1963)

  • Meditate to a regular schedule. Regulate the time, place & practice of your meditation.
    Regularity conditions the mind to slow down its activities with a minimum of delay.
  • Best time to meditate; early dawn or dusk if feasible.

How To Meditate – The internal concentration of the mind.



1. 1st Concentrate.
The mental ability to concentrate is inherent in all; all of us have the ability to shut out thoughts.

2. Position Your Body.
Sit in a steady, comfortable cross-legged position. If this is uncomfortable, sit on a chair, both feet on the floor, hands resting gently on your thighs, neck erect but not tense.

3. Close Your Eyes.

4. Calming The Mind.
Now we must calm the mind. By turning your mind’s concentration inward, upon the self, you can deepen the experience sort, that of perfect concentration. This IS the state of meditation.

5. Focus.
Focus solely on your breathing. Through focusing on your breathing you forget all your concerns & enter the calming state you seek.

6. Breathing.

  • Consciously regulate your breath. Inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth.
  • Begin with 2-3 minutes of deep abdominal breathing to bring oxygen to the brain.
  • Focus on the passage of air through your nose & into your lungs.
  • Focus on the expansion of your chest & your belly area.
  • Now, slow it down, breathing regularly into a calm & smoothing rhythm.


7. Focus 2 – Centering.
Now it’s time to focus on other areas of the body.
Right Hand, Left Hand, Face then Head, Neck, Shoulders, Chest, Stomach, Legs, Ankles.

With your eyes closed, breathe in & tense the focal area, (Right Hand 1st) tightening the muscles. Hold for a few moments. Then, breathe out & relax muscles in the focal area.

Whilst feeling the release of tension, notice how different this feels from tension.

Before moving onto the next area of focus tell yourself; “My right hand & arm feel relaxed & calm.” Vividly picture this sequence via a firmly held image, deeply partnered with concentration.

NOTE: * When you meditate, a lot of thoughts, body sensations & external noises will try to alter your thinking & focus. Reject these distractions, be strong & command your mind to focus only on your breathing or the focal area you have chosen.

Continue this process until you have completed the list of all the necessary areas of your body. With practice, you can reach a ‘super conscious’ state. You can learn through this introspection process to control your mind. Your mind is what makes everything work. All ‘Super Traders’ OWN a calm & steady mind.

Learn To Control Your Thoughts, Learn The Power Of Focus & Concentration. This IS meditation.’

“Finite experience, which is measured in terms of past, present & future, cannot be transcendental.
Concepts of time are illusory, for they have no permanence.
The present, immeasurably small & fleeting, cannot be grasped.
Past & future are non-existent in the present.
We live in illusion.
The meditative state transcends all such limitations. In it there is neither past nor future, but only the consciousness of “I am” in the eternal NOW.
It is only possible when all mental modifications are stilled.”

Swami Sivananda. (Indian Yoga master, Physician, Monk , 1887-1963)

“I wish you well in your journey & in your trading.” – Trader DowBoy

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