Super Traders Are Visionaries


Super Traders Are Visionaries

‘Super Traders Are Visionaries.’ Super Traders Are Visionaries FREE PDF Downloadable Full PDF Version.

How? Why? Do

Probably 3 of the greatest words ever to frequent and grace the English Language.
How do ‘Super Traders’ capture large profits, and more importantly, hold onto them?
What is a Super Trader’s mind set? Why do ‘Super Traders’ trade in a cerebral calm under what seems enormous pressure, and panic to some?

The mass hysteria of the crowd, so often frequenting the day trading arena, the average trader depicted by and shining so brightly on every price bar.

What do ‘Super Traders’ do that is so alien to most ordinary traders, propelling them to the very top of their chosen profession, the most enthralling game ever to be created in the history of man kind?

There is a well known saying:

“You Must Be In The RIGHT PLACE

This is a VERY Important statement that has been propagated for generations. But, Importantly, this is a flawed statement in the context of a ‘Super Trader’.
Below is a sentence that has enormous consequences and is transformational if you ‘get it’ and really take on board it’s ramifications and consequence in it’s ‘being.’ Memorise this statement.


The above sentence is simple, yet profound. ‘Super Traders’ have learned to become what they must become in order to think and act a certain way.
To gain a deeper understanding as to how a ‘‘Super Trader’ Thinks And Acts This Certain Way’,,,,,,and yes, it is a learned skill…… more…

Super Traders Are Visionaries.

Super Traders’ are 1st & foremost visionaries. This encapsulates a total commitment to a pre-determined future vision; one that can be sub-divided, yet connected, with its dominant image; that of acquiring financial gain. The acquirement of financial gain is a key & defining point; but importantly, this is actually a paradox!

visionary trader

A ‘Super Traders’ vision is not restricted to the future but can be found in his artistic mastery of trading ‘In The Zone.’ By definition, a ‘Future’ vision should be out of reach, yet his pictured future is actually held in the now. ‘In The Zone,’ this higher state of trading, the ‘Super Trader’ elevates himself, creating a calm so pure, his thinking converts into a perfect ‘Market Neutral’ action. In the midst of his trading hours in this, his most ‘Utopian’ of places, resulting monetary gains are but secondary; his dominant visionary goal of financial gain is relinquished. The paradox is that the ‘Financial Gain’ is but an anchor with the ‘Super Traders’ vision ultimately being ‘What One Becomes’; an expression that is nurtured by his trading, ‘Living In The Zone’ tangibly defined & aligned by his goals.

Whilst in this realm, this neutral state; trading in ‘The Zone’, his ability to be fully engaged & yet ‘Centred’ is drawn & conceived by his future vision. His commitment to his goals & ultimate financial gain are contained ‘Within This Process,’ shaping it, directing its course, cohesively aligning all its components within the boundaries & context of his vision.

So, what does the ‘Super Trader’ see whilst looking, focused intently on the markets? What the ‘Super Trader’ sees, reflects what he ‘Thinks’ he sees; ‘Because’ of his commitment to his future vision his concept of his result, he is ‘Constantly’ seeking evidence for that result. By watching the markets in terms of these expectations, the ‘Super Trader’ increases the likelihood of his expectations becoming the reality he envisions.

In this Nirvana, his creative masterpiece, ‘The Zone’; the ‘Super Trader’ acts in the now, conditioned & controlled, not dominated or clouded by any emotional beliefs. The ‘Super Trader’ doesn’t deny that his emotions exist whilst trading but instead takes ownership of his feelings. With this embracement for responsibility for his own feelings & actions, the ‘Super Trader’ simply deals with what HE creates.

His focus, patience, skill & experience reward him well. His expectations are realised & large gains are possible by his connection to that of his future vision.

For the majority, this may seem farfetched & hard to comprehend, but only ‘Super Traders’ can & do trade in this totally relaxed state; one of enlightenment where tranquillity & ALL emotions settle into a pure calming divine, controlled by his self mastery, the epitome of focus, discipline & an unyielding commitment to control his secondary voice; that of his ‘Inner Self’.

‘By Doing All That Is Necessary To Manifest The Super Traders Goals & Results, He Ultimately Becomes His Vision.’ ‘What If A Man Could Live In A State Where All He Desires, All He Can Become & All He Can Be Is Obtainable & It’s In The ‘Now’? What A Wonderful Place That Would Be!’

This IS where a ‘Super Trader’ Lives.
This ISTrading In The Zone.’
This IS a ‘Super Trader!’
So, back to the title of this document; ‘Super Traders Are Visionaries.’
Are they? – Absolutely! Without question.
I leave you with this my friends;

‘Learn To Trade In The Now, Out Of Your Vision. Once Mastered, You WILL Have A Connection To A Higher State Of Awareness That Will Give You The Meaning For All That You Seek.
All That You Become IS All That You Are. Super Traders Trade From Their Vision, Trading In Their Vision; Ultimately They Become Their Vision.’

“I wish you well in your journey & in your trading.” – Trader DowBoy

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