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Master’s of Emotion – Declarations

‘Super Traders’ are the Masters & controllers of their Emotions. One of their techniques to obtain & maintain an edge in the trading arena is via the daily practice & use of Declarations.

Declarations are an OFFICIAL INTENTION to take all the necessary ACTIONS to make your future vision become reality.

IMPORTANT: Declarations are NOT affirmations! The difference is slight, but powerful.

AFFIRMATION: An affirmation is; ‘a positive statement asserting that a goal you wish to achieve is already happening as if it is true now.’

DECLARATION: A declaration is; ‘to state an official intention to undertake a particular course of action or adopt a particular status.’


Often we can affirm something that is NOT already happening & is NOT yet real. Our subconscious minds, our ‘inner self ’ will recognise this as a ‘trick’, as it is NOT yet true & react in a negative way.

Whereas, a declaration is saying, we have an INTENTION of doing or being something. This our inner self CAN ‘buy’, because we are not stating it is true now, but it’s your intention for the future.



A declaration ‘IS’ official. It is a formal statement into the universe & throughout your body.
A declaration ‘MUST’ be action orientated! You must take all the necessary actions to make your official intention a reality.

Find out HOW TO use ‘Declarations’ to your advantage; as ‘Super Traders’ do, to give yourself an edge……read more!

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst at 1st declarations may seem a bit ‘unnatural’ or a ‘weird’ thing to do;

THEY WORK! If most of the greatest minds that have ever lived employ these practices into their daily regimes; then so should you. You have nothing to lose & everything to gain!

* Written techniques: These work as a sort of muscle memory for your subconscious.
* Spoken techniques: Are designed to focus on the words; the repetition of hearing them out loud can be as if someone else is telling it to you. You can also recite with additional emotion of voice.
* Declaration Card: Is physical via ‘Touch.’ If you cannot take the card out to read you can still ‘Feel’ it in your pocket & repeat the declarations in your head as if you were reading them. The card serves as a trigger for repetition.




Things To Do:

  1. Write out your own declarations.
  2. State them aloud.
  3. State them before commencing your trading & after your meditation.
  4. State them before you go to bed.
  5. Type or write your declarations (All or top 3) on a card & read the card whenever you can.

Below I’ll list my declarations which I perform every day. Feel free to add/delete & adjust the declarations to best suit you.

My Trading Vision

  1. I’m committed to trading, to win, & become all what I want to become.
  2. I will do whatever it takes to reach my objectives, my goals & my vision.
  3. I expand the internal space needed to succeed not by undoing the past, but by creating a new space, MY VISION!
  4. I make my decisions based on my commitment to this; my consciously designed future vision.
  5. I’m guided by my future vision only, I behave in a way that will bring about my larger objective, Knowing that within I have all the resources I need.
  6. I see the world & trading through my vision.
  7. I’m creating my life, moment by moment.
  8. Ultimately I will become my vision.

“I wish you well in your journey & in your trading.” – Trader DowBoy

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