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A Day Trader's Zone

Your Question; “How Does One Get Into The Zone? How Can I Trade In The Zone? ”

After Many Years Of Reading, Searching I Found The Answer To this Question.

Example: Does One Pray To See God? Do Monks Chant To See Their God; Their Buddha?
The Answer Is Profound If You Understand The Depths Of Its Meaning.

My Answer; “One Prays; Meditates To Create The FEELING For The Connection You Seek!”

A Day Trader Recites His Affirmations To Create The ‘FEELING!’ Altering His State Of Being, Changing It’s Vibratory State, It’s Energy To Enter His Utopian Realm; The ZONE!



Combine Affirmations With Meditation!

By Combining My Affirmations With A Daily Practice Of Transcendental Meditation, You Will Build A Powerful Pre Market ‘Ritual’ To Gain & Enter The Zone Like State You Seek. Just 20 Minutes Of Daily Transcendental Meditation Is Enough To Turn Your Awareness Within; Thus Gaining:

  1. A Maximum State Of Pure Awareness; Quiet Inner Alertness; Still, Devoid Of Thought & Content.
  2. An Inward State of Reflection That Will Modulate Your Mind Into A Complete State Of Rest.
  3. Obtain Profound Physiological Rest. Your Body Will Simultaneously Gains A State Of Rest At Least 3 times Deeper Than Sleep.
  4. Only Via This State, Can You Nurture & Attain ‘Global EEG Coherence.’ This Development Of Enhanced Brain Behaviour; Enables Coordinated Neurological Coherence. This Allows The Entire Brain To Be Completely Engaged & Function In A Profound, Orderly & Integrated Way.
  5. Scientifically Recognised As A 4th State Of Human Consciousness; It Is Distinct From Waking, Dreaming Or Sleeping. Only With Regular Exposure To This Unique Meditative ‘Innermost,’ State Of Consciousness; This Connection With Pure Unbounded Awareness & It’s Unified Source (The Unified Field), Can Nurture The Attainment Of ‘Global EEG Coherence’ Be Achieved.

My Trading Vision.

  1. I’m Committed To ‘Trading To Win,’ & Become All What I Want To Become.
  2. I Will Do Whatever It Takes To Reach My Objectives, My Goals & My Vision.
  3. I Expand The Internal Space Needed To Succeed Not By Undoing The Past, But By Creating ANew Space, MY VISION!
  4. I Make My Decisions Based On My Commitment To My Consciously Designed Future Vision.
  5. I’m Guided By My Future Vision Only, I Behave In A Way That Will Bring About My Larger Objective, My Vision Of Abundance.
  6. I Know That Within I Have ALL The Resources I Need, Everything To Reach My Objective.
  7. I See The World & Trading Conveyed Through My Self Expressed, Consciously Chosen Vision.
  8. I’m Creating My Life, Moment By Moment. The Only Paradox Is That The Dimension Of My Vision Is Non Linear; Not Born In The Past Nor Held In The Future; It Lives Always In The NOW!
  9. Because Of My Commitment To My Vision, My Concept Of My Result, I’m Constantly Looking For Evidence Of That Result. Because Of This I Watch The Market In Terms Of These Expectations. Thereby; I Increase The Likelihood Of My Expectations Becoming The Reality I Seek.
  10. Ultimately I Will Become My Vision.

I Trade In The Zone.

    1. ‘I Trade In The Zone.’ I Trade IN The Moment, IN The Present, With Total Disregard For What Others Think & Feel About Me.

The Brain Trading Zone

  1. ‘I Trade In The Zone.’ I Ignore ALL Emotions & Defensive Perspectives. I Trade; I Do, I Act From An Entirely Detached & Impartial Perspective.
  2. ‘I Trade In The Zone.’ Only In The Zone Do I See The Market As It Truly Is.
  3. ‘I Trade In The Zone.’ I Block Out ALL Bad Habits & Self-Limiting Beliefs Attained From My Past, My Environment & Their Surrounding Noise.
  4. ‘I Trade In The Zone.’ My Mind Is Pure, Clear, Focused & Yet Empty. The product Of ‘Choice’ Means I ALWAYS Can; At Will, ‘I Trade In The Zone.’
  5. ‘I Trade In The Zone.’ I Trade Without Ego, Never Reacting To Pain, Sorrow Or Fear. I Just Trade The Market As It Truly Is. I Am A Super Trader, I Am The Master Of My Emotions, & So I Can Trade In The Zone. ‘I TRADE IN THE ZONE’.
  6. ‘I Trade In The Zone.’ Trading In MY Zone Means I Distinguish Actual Reality From My Interpretations & Projections Of Reality.IControl The Zone!
  7. ‘I Trade In The Zone.’ Only In The Zone, My Centred State, Can I ‘Super Trade.’ I Flow With Trends, I Spot Reversals & Breakouts; I Cut Losses Without Hesitancy & Let My Profits Run Perpetually. ‘I Trade In The Zone.’
  8. The Zone Is Where I Live; It’s My Nirvana, My Sanctuary, My Paradise, My Heaven.
  9. I LIVE & TRADE In The Zone. The Zone Is In Me; & The Key To Enter Is Within Me Forever!

The Development & Implementation Of My Skills & Trading Strategy Is My Harmonic Satisfaction,
Not In The Attainment Of Profit.

My Enlightenment Is This Self Expression; The Manifest & Cultivation Of My PEACE.

I Day Trade ALWAYS; “Without FEAR, Without HESITATION, Without RESERVATION.”

“I wish you well in your journey & in your trading.” – Trader DowBoy

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  1. HI,

    Day trading affirmations refers to completing the entire trade verification process on the same day that the actual trade took place. This process ensures that the parties are in agreement about the essential trade details. Thanks a lot…

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