My Day Trading Economic Calendar

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My ‘day Trading’ Economic Calendar. In a previous post relating to ‘Trading Order Sheets’ I mentioned the use of economic calendars for the purpose of day trading. Whilst there are many trading calendars to choose from I mentioned in the above post what is my preferred Economic Trading Calendar I use and why I use … Continue reading “My Day Trading Economic Calendar”

Day Trading ‘Order’ Spreadsheet

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‘Order’ and ‘Entry’ Spreadsheets For Day Traders. Your 1st question should always be WHY! Why use a ‘Trading Order Spreadsheet?’ Asking why begins your mental journey; a cognitive narrative that eventually leads to render and manifest your unique version of HOW! So let’s begin with the WHY. Why use an ‘Order and Entry’ spreadsheet? Then … Continue reading “Day Trading ‘Order’ Spreadsheet”

Spread Betting Calculator

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Spread Betting Calculator Main Screen

“Enjoy This FREE Online ‘PopUp’ Spread Bet Calculator” ‘FREE’ Spread Bet Calculator Spreadsheet “Found Deeper Within The Post; So read On My Friends!” Spread Betting Calculator Spread Sheet. Downloadable FREE PDF Version. I received an email some time ago from a couple whom were seeking a position sizing solution; a whom were seeking a position … Continue reading “Spread Betting Calculator”

Day Trading ‘Expectancy’ Simulation

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Monte Carlo Trading Simulator Results

‘Monte Carlo & Mersenne Twister’ Trading Simulators Day Trading Simulation PDF FREE Trading PDF Trading Simulator Here’s another ‘FREE Trading Spreadsheet that you might find useful; A ‘Monte Carlo Expectancy Simulator.’ Several years ago I stumbled across a simple ‘Excel Monte Carlo Trading Simulator’ on a trading forum. I decided to create my own version … Continue reading “Day Trading ‘Expectancy’ Simulation”

Losing Streak ‘Probability’ Calculator

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Losing Streak Probability 'Quick' Calculator

‘Multiple’ Losing Streak Probability Cal – Pt1. Multiple Losing Streak Calculator PDF – Pt1.Downloadable FREE PDF A Super Traders Testing Tool All Super Traders trade within a structured framework, one that is coherent with his or her beliefs. [INTERNAL : MIND] The Super Trader’s trading system is an alignment of his chosen ‘rule set’, his … Continue reading “Losing Streak ‘Probability’ Calculator”