Meditation Part1 – Why Meditate?

Meditation For Traders – Pt1- Why?
Why Super Traders Meditate.

Why Do Super Traders Meditate? why-super-traders-meditate.pdf Downloadable Full PDF Version.

To be able to duplicate the ‘Super Traders’ nirvana state of trading, ‘The Zone’ one has to create an inner calming state. Through daily meditation practice, this CAN be achieved. It’s a learned skill with the quality of your results being attributed via the mother of all learning, ‘Repetition’ & in proportion ? to your level of intensity of focus. Meditation is an important piece in the ‘Super Traders’repertoire.

Super Traders’ are ‘Solution Orientated,’ able to approach all tasks in a systematic & methodical manner. Meditation (Part of the ‘ST Blueprint’, is a solution to prepare, centre & align oneself to enter ‘The Zone.’
The polymath ‘Super Trader’ always is seeking an ‘Edge.’ Most traders are intelligent & motivated yet fail to achieve success. Meditation is a MUST & part of the edge you seek. Maintaining a ‘continuous’ meditation regime WILL help to maintain that ‘Edge!’

‘DO NOT Underestimate The power of meditation.’

It is scientifically proven that within a state of calm, thoughts & thinking processes can be accessed much quicker. Your mind can be brought under perfect control by the regular practice of meditation.

  • You WILL develop & increase your capacity to Focus.
  • You WILL improve your Concentration.
  • You WILL be able to make better Decisions.
  • You WILL be able to make quicker Decisions.
  • You WILL be able to make more rational Decisions.
  • You WILL be more Alert.
  • You WILL be more Observant.

During meditation all intellectual thought is temporarily bypassed with external forces & distractions also being consciously suppressed. A self understanding; being self aware is an introspective activity. For the ‘Super Trader’ once within this meditative state, his thinking relates only to the object he is focusing on or the process of focusing itself.
Being in a relaxed state makes you ‘more’ rather than less alert. Via meditation (learning to relax) you will create a condition of ‘Restful Alertness’, a foundation block in the building of the new YOU & a key element in the ‘Super Traders’ armoury. In effect, meditation will reshape your mind, aiding in the processing of all information.

Repetition of Meditation will lead to pure thought.


Shaping your mind is a 2 part process.
Through mediation you help create the perfect state in which one can trade.(Part1 – creating a great trading mind environment).
Yet; ‘Knowing How To Use What You Have Created’ Is The Part 2.’
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‘All Super Traders Have Learnt How To Think & Act In A Certain Way. Through Constant Meditation, You Can Cross The Line & Step Into The ‘ST Zone.’

What is the ‘primary’ purpose of a meditative state? It is to develop & condition your ability to focus, this enables the ‘Super Trader’ to command & take effective control of ‘their’ emotions at will.

‘If 95% Of Traders Lose & Trade On Emotion, Then DON’T! Trade With Other People’s Emotions Not Yours. That Is The Secret. Losers Trade With Emotion; Winners (St’s) Trade Their Emotions!’

Through consistency & practice, you will learn to take control of your emotions via the aid of meditation.


‘It’s Not What’s Going On Around You But What Is Going On Within You That Will Determine Your Trading Results.’

“I wish you well in your journey & in your trading.” – Trader DowBoy

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