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Commitment Quotations.

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Below are listed several quotations related to ‘Commitment.’ Everybody will be draw towards certain quotations, acquiring a bond; fulfilling a deeper meaning & understanding with certain quotes. I hope that they will provide you with as much inspiration as they have & still do for me.

My Personal Top 5 Commitment Quotes.

  1. There’s A Difference Between Interest & Commitment. When You’re Interested In Doing Something, You Do It Only When It’s Convenient. When You’re Committed To Something, You Accept No Excuses, Only Results.
    Kenneth Blancbard
  2. Without Involvement, There Is No Commitment. Mark It Down, Asterisk It, Circle It, Underline It. No Involvement, No Commitment.
  3. Stephen R. Covey (1932-, American Speaker, Trainer, Author Of “The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People”)
  4. The Uncommitted Life Isn’t Worth Living.
    Marshall Fishwick (1923-, American Writer)
  5. You Need To Make A Commitment, & Once You Make It, Then Life Will Give You Some Answers.Les Brown (1945-, American Speaker, Author, Trainer, Motivator,)
  6. A Total Commitment Is Paramount To Reaching The Ultimate In Performance & Attainment Of Your Goals. Whatever It Takes! I Say Again; Whatever It Takes!
    Dow-Boy. (Trader & Writer B.1967)

The Achievement Of Your Goal Is Assured The Moment You Commit Yourself To It.
Mack R. Douglas

The Quality Of A Person’s Life Is In Direct Proportion To Their Commitment To Excellence, Regardless Of Their Chosen Field Of Endeavour.
Vincent T. Lombardi

A Total Commitment Is Paramount To Reaching The Ultimate In Performance.
Tom Flores (1937-, American Football Coach)

If You Want To Take Your Mission In Life To The Next Level, If You’re Stuck & You Don’t Know How To Rise, Don’t Look Outside Yourself. Look Inside. Don’t Let Your Fears Keep You Mired In The Crowd. Abolish Your Fears & Raise Your Commitment Level To The Point Of No Return, & I Guarantee You That The Champion Within Will Burst Forth To Propel You Toward Victory.
Bruce Jenner (1949-, American Track Athlete, Author, Speaker)

Reality Forms Around A Commitment.
Author Unknown

There’s Always A Way — If You’re Committed.
Anthony Robbins (1960-, American Author, Speaker, Peak Performance Expert, Coach)
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A Winner Makes Commitment. A Loser Makes Promises.
Author Unknown

Commitment Is What Transforms A Promise Into Reality.
Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865, American President (16th)

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