My Day Trading Economic Calendar

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My ‘day Trading’ Economic Calendar. In a previous post relating to ‘Trading Order Sheets’ I mentioned the use of economic calendars for the purpose of day trading. Whilst there are many trading calendars to choose from I mentioned in the above post what is my preferred Economic Trading Calendar I use and why I use … Continue reading “My Day Trading Economic Calendar”

Day Trading ‘Order’ Spreadsheet

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‘Order’ and ‘Entry’ Spreadsheets For Day Traders. Your 1st question should always be WHY! Why use a ‘Trading Order Spreadsheet?’ Asking why begins your mental journey; a cognitive narrative that eventually leads to render and manifest your unique version of HOW! So let’s begin with the WHY. Why use an ‘Order and Entry’ spreadsheet? Then … Continue reading “Day Trading ‘Order’ Spreadsheet”

Commitment Quotations

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My Day Trading Zone

Commitment Quotations. Commitment Quotations. Downloadable PDF Version Below are listed several quotations related to ‘Commitment.’ Everybody will be draw towards certain quotations, acquiring a bond; fulfilling a deeper meaning & understanding with certain quotes. I hope that they will provide you with as much inspiration as they have & still do for me. My Personal … Continue reading “Commitment Quotations”

Spread Betting Calculator

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Spread Betting Calculator Main Screen

“Enjoy This FREE Online ‘PopUp’ Spread Bet Calculator” ‘FREE’ Spread Bet Calculator Spreadsheet “Found Deeper Within The Post; So read On My Friends!” Spread Betting Calculator Spread Sheet. Downloadable FREE PDF Version. I received an email some time ago from a couple whom were seeking a position sizing solution; a whom were seeking a position … Continue reading “Spread Betting Calculator”

Day Trading ‘Expectancy’ Simulation

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Monte Carlo Trading Simulator Results

‘Monte Carlo & Mersenne Twister’ Trading Simulators Day Trading Simulation PDF FREE Trading PDF Trading Simulator Here’s another ‘FREE Trading Spreadsheet that you might find useful; A ‘Monte Carlo Expectancy Simulator.’ Several years ago I stumbled across a simple ‘Excel Monte Carlo Trading Simulator’ on a trading forum. I decided to create my own version … Continue reading “Day Trading ‘Expectancy’ Simulation”

Losing Streak ‘Probability’ Calculator

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Losing Streak Probability 'Quick' Calculator

‘Multiple’ Losing Streak Probability Cal – Pt1. Multiple Losing Streak Calculator PDF – Pt1.Downloadable FREE PDF A Super Traders Testing Tool All Super Traders trade within a structured framework, one that is coherent with his or her beliefs. [INTERNAL : MIND] The Super Trader’s trading system is an alignment of his chosen ‘rule set’, his … Continue reading “Losing Streak ‘Probability’ Calculator”

World’s Best Day Trading Chair

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The World’s Best Day Trading Chair? Best Day Trader Chair In The World. Downloadable FREE PDF Version. An all too often overlooked piece in the puzzle for trading excellence is in the posture of the Super Trader; how one sits whilst trading. The perfect seating solution aims to attain perfect harmony between mind & body, … Continue reading “World’s Best Day Trading Chair”

A Day Trader’s Goals – 10 Good Reasons

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GOALS & GOAL CONCEPTS FOR THE SUPER DAY TRADER. Day Trading Goals -10 Good Reasons. Downloadable FREE PDF Version. Pt 1: – Why Do Super Trader’s Use Goals? – Top 10 Reasons. This; is the 1st part of my ‘3 part mini series’ dealing with the subject of goals, goal concepts & the art of … Continue reading “A Day Trader’s Goals – 10 Good Reasons”

My Day Trading Affirmations

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The Brain Trading Zone

A Day Traders Affirmations Day Trading Affirmations.Downloadable FREE PDF Version. Your Question; “How Does One Get Into The Zone? How Can I Trade In The Zone? ” After Many Years Of Reading, Searching I Found The Answer To this Question. Example: Does One Pray To See God? Do Monks Chant To See Their God; Their … Continue reading “My Day Trading Affirmations”

Goal Quotations

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Goal Quotations. Goal Quotations. Downloadable PDF Below: are listed several ‘Goal’ quotations. I hope they will provide you with inspiration as they did me. Part of my ‘Inspiration Series’ of quotations, FREE downloadable PDF’s; ‘Goal Quotations for the Day Trader.’ My Personal Top 5 Goal Quotes 1.“The soul that has no established aim loses itself.” … Continue reading “Goal Quotations”