My Day Trading Economic Calendar

My ‘day Trading’ Economic Calendar.

In a previous post relating to ‘Trading Order Sheets’ I mentioned the use of economic calendars for the purpose of day trading. Whilst there are many trading calendars to choose from I mentioned in the above post what is my preferred Economic Trading Calendar I use and why I use it.

So before I mention this again let me just point you in the direction of a trading blog that has done a nice job on reviewing and comparing various economic calendars that are web based.
The original post was called ‘Comparison of Forex Economic Calendars’ from the website wayback in 2013 (and was last updated June 21st 2016).
Well the guys over there decided to do a fresh update to their research and posted a new review entitled ‘Top 10 Forex Calendars in 2017’
This was to reflect evolutionary changes within this ‘Trading Information Tool’ and offered new important criterion to convey an in-depth review that really does scrutinize the details of what each calendar has to offer so as to guide the trader to make a better informed decision in which to choose and use. Choosing an economic calendar to use on a daily basis predominantly of FX trading means knowing exactly what the details and attributes are for each compared. Some of the important features that were compared were;

  • Page Load Speeds
  • Number of Events
  • Forecast Accuracy
  • Filters
  • Were they Self Updating, etc. etc.

Their aim of their article was to make an unbiased review that identified individual strengths and weaknesses of each Economic Calendar. As of this writing, their ‘Top 10 Forex Calendars in 2017’ was last updated on the 15th September 2017.

“Don’t Be Fooled By The Calendar. There Are Only As Many Days In The Year As You Make Use Of.” – Charles Richards Canadian Politician (June 12, 1879 – September 15, 1956)

So in accessing the calendars compared in their review, which ‘Economic Calendar’ do I use and why?

I personally use’s economic calendar but a ‘Hacked’ version (I use the term ‘Hacked’ in a dismembered manner), as you’ll soon see.

I’m based in the UK. Here is a direct link to the calendar I use by choice;
DowBoy’s Economic Calendar

So why do I use the Economic Calendar from the above link, and how did the calendar compare within the’s Top 10 review?

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