Discipline Quotations

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Discipline Quotations. Discipline Quotations. Downloadable Full PDF Version. Here’s my top 5 ‘Discipline’ quotations. I hope they will provide you with inspiration to ‘STAY DISCIPLINED’ as they did me. My Personal Top 5 Discipline Quotes. 1. “Self discipline is when your conscience tells you to do something & you don’t talk back.” W. K. Hope. … Continue reading “Discipline Quotations”

A Super Trader’s Discipline.

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The Super Trader ‘Discipline’ PDF. Super Day Trader Discipline. Downloadable Full PDF Version. The Disciplined Super Trader. What Exactly IS Discipline? Discipline is a HABIT! All ‘Super Traders’ have self discipline. Without discipline you cannot achieve success, in any field. I will say this again; “WITHOUT DISCIPLINE YOU CANNOT ACHIEVE SUCCESS, IN ANY FIELD.” Having … Continue reading “A Super Trader’s Discipline.”